Jennifer M. Piscopo is Assistant Professor of Politics at Occidental College.  Her research on representation, gender quotas, and legislative institutions in Latin America has appeared in twelve peer-reviewed journals, including Social Politics, Comparative Political Studies, The Latin American Research Review, Latin American Politics and Society, and Politics, Groups, and Identities.  With Susan Franceschet and Mona Lena Krook, she is editor of The Impact of Gender Quotas (Oxford University Press, 2012). Her work has also appeared in multiple edited volumes.

She has received research awards from the American Political Science Association, the International Political Science Association, and the Latin American Studies Association. Her op-eds have appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The LA Timesand Ms. Magazine, among other outlets. 

Prior to joining the Politics Faculty at Occidental College, she was Assistant Professor of Public Policy at Salem College from 2011-2013.  She received her Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of California, San Diego in 2011, where she was a Visiting Fellow at the Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies from 2009-2010.  Recently, she was the the 2016-2017 Peggy Rockefeller Visiting Scholar at the David Rockefeller Center of Latin American Studies at Harvard University.

She has extensive research and travel experience in Latin America, and she has consulted for international organizations (including UN Women and the Inter-parliamentary Union) as well as for national governments.   

A Gates Cambridge Scholar, she received her M.Phil. in Latin American Studies with distinction from the University of Cambridge in 2003. She graduated with top honors from Wellesley College in 2002.


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